PCB & PCBA one-stop manufacturer

fastpcba circuit board manufacturer's corporate culture

Focus on making technology better

Corporate vision:
Wholeheartedly, make technology better

Enterprise core mission:
Ingenuity, leading the industry, achieving customers and employees

Core values of the company:
Responsibility, integrity, efficiency, service, and win-win

Core idea:
Attentiveness, persistence, collaboration, learning, sharing, innovation

fastpcba circuit board manufacturer's corporate culture

Management philosophy:
Gather people’s hearts with culture, control humanity with system, and achieve life with brand

Service policy:
Quality first, customer satisfaction, full participation, continuous improvement.

Team building:
A person can go fast, a group of people will go further, cooperate sincerely, each director, form a strong team spirit that is invincible and invincible.

Pcb Production Entrepreneurial spirit_fastpcba

Entrepreneurial spirit

Integrity — is the cornerstone, treat people with sincerity, reputation with faith, FASTPCBA win customers’ hearts with integrity
Dedication — is the standard
Collaboration — is the key, sincere cooperation, each director is the key to FASTPCBA service quality assurance
Pragmatic — It is a premise, everything starts from reality, seeking truth from facts, is the original intention of FASTPCBA people never change
Innovation — is the soul, the vitality and source of FASTPCBA

Excellent presentation of FASTPCBA

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Pcb Prototype customer_fastpcba
Pcb Prototype customer_fastpcba
Excellent presentation of FASTPCBA

English name: FASTPCBA

FAST meaning: fast, celerity
FASTPCBA: Provide one-stop service for rapid PCB manufacturing.
FASTPCBA is adhering to the development concept of oriental civilization and western culture inclusive and working together, with heart, perseverance, collaboration, learning, sharing and innovation.

Quality goals:Product pass rate ≥98%
Delivery delivery rate: 100%
Customer satisfaction: ≥80%
Reorder rate:100%

Ceo of fastpcba

Ceo-luoxinhua of FASTPCBA

The founder of the company, Mr. Luo, always leads by example, strict self-discipline......>>

Quality of products

PCB product quality-FASTPCBA

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Fastpcba cured my postpartum depression

Cured my postpartum depression-FASTPCBA

There is a family of FASTPCBA! Once she could not control her emotions because of postpartum depression, lost, lonely,......>>

Employing people and virtue

Employing Germany-FASTPCBA

The company once had an employee who focused on training. He is dedicated to his work and loves his job. But in the......>>

Thanks to FASTPCBA for training

Don't forget the grace of dripping back then -fastpcba

In the family of FASTPCBA, everyone is from all corners of the world. There was a colleague who......>>

Leaders motivate employees

Leaders motivate employees-FASTPCBA

President Luo always pays close attention to the working conditions of each......>>