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Advanced Inspection Machine

FASTPCBA Co., LIMITED advanced PCB production and testing equipment purchased from the United States, Japan, Germany, Israel and other places to improve production testing and technical capabilities. Adopting international advanced process technology and advanced management methods, the technological level is constantly improved from their high standards and strict requirements.



x-ray welding tester

Product application:

PCBA solder joint inspection (BGA, CSP, POP and other components inspection)
Battery (Pole piece solder joint defect detection, cell winding condition detection)
Electronic connectors (harnesses, cables, plugs, etc.)
Automotive electronics (testing of patch cords, dashboards, etc.)
Solar, photovoltaic (wafer solder joint inspection)
Testing for special industries such as aviation components
Semiconductor (package component inspection)
LED detection
Electronic module detection
Ceramic products testing

Product configuration:

4/2 (optional 6-inch) image intensifier and megapixel digital camera;
90KV / 100KV-5 micron X-ray source
Simple mouse click operation to write detection program;
High detection repeat accuracy;
Rotational tilt of plus or minus 60 degrees allows unique perspectives to detect samples;
High-performance stage control;
Large navigation window-easy to locate and identify defective products;
Automatic BGA detection program accurately detects every BGA bubble
Make judgments according to customer needs and output Excel reports.

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International leading production equipment

Imported production from the United States, Italy, Japan and other countries has helped us improve our manufacturing and testing capabilities

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