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Analysis of the reasons for the pickup failure in the 01005 component smt patch

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Analysis of the reasons for the pickup failure in the 01005 component smt patch?
Recently, a customer asked during a pre-consultation: I have to post relatively few materials, each board has two kinds of materials, 01005 capacitors, 0201 magnetic beads, because 01005 capacitors have a narrow tape, 4x4mm SIZE, 0.4mm thick The width of the substrate is 4mm.

We have discovered several key problems from the customer’s consultation on SMT patch processing. For example: 01005 capacitor, 4mm strip width. In fact, according to the daily operation of the current SMT placement factory, this is already considered high-precision placement.
Therefore, from the evaluation of the patch processing plant, the customer’s process requirements are very high. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of the nozzle of the placement machine, the selection of the feeder, and the improvement of the process. We did improve and pay attention in this way, but we still experienced picking failures and high throwing rates in actual patch processing. Therefore, we will take this case today to share with you the reasons for 01005 component picking failures:

1. The tape specification does not match the feeder specification;
2. Wrong placement head selection;
3. Excessive vibration of the feeding part;
4. The component thickness data is incorrect;
5. The paper cutter cannot cut the braid normally;
6. The feeder is not installed firmly and the thimble does not move smoothly;
Because this customer only does SMT small-batch proofing, the 01005 component material has a width of only 4mm, the first material belt is too short, and the second material belt is too light, resulting in


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