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 How to judge the quality of PCB board?

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How to judge the quality of PCB board?

When we get a PCB board and there are no other test tools at hand, how to quickly judge the quality of a PCB board? We can refer to the following 6 points:

1. The size and thickness of the PCB board must be consistent with the specified size and thickness without deviation. There must be no defects, deformation, shedding, scratching, open circuit, short circuit, oxidation, whitening, yellowing, unclean etching or excessive etching on the board surface, and there must be no stains, copper particles and other impurities on the board surface.


2. The ink coverage is even and glossy, and there should be no shedding, scratching, copper exposure, offset, hanging, etc.


3. The silk screen printing symbols and letters are clear, and there are no defects such as omissions, blurring, reverse printing, and offset.


4. The carbon film must not have defects, offset printing, short circuit, open circuit, reverse printing, etc.


5. The PCB bottom plate is formed without leaks, deviations, collapsed holes, piercings, plug holes, bursts, backlashes, crushing, etc.


6. Whether the edge of the PCB board is smooth, if it is a V-CUT process, you need to pay attention to whether the V-CUT slot causes a wire break, whether the two sides are symmetrical, etc.


Generally through these 6 points, you can quickly judge the quality of the PCB board.

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