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The role of 7S management

7S activity is the basic activity of various on-site management of the enterprise, which helps to eliminate all kinds of undesirable phenomena that the enterprise may face in the production process.

During the implementation of the 7s activity, by carrying out basic activities such as sorting, rectification, and cleaning, it became an institutional cleaning, which ultimately improved the professionalism of employees. Therefore, the effect of 7S activities on enterprises is fundamental and inestimable.

7S activity is a management culture for environment and behavior construction. It can effectively solve the messy and disordered situation in the workplace, effectively improve personal mobility and quality, effectively improve the management of documents, materials and archives, effectively improve work efficiency and team performance Make the process simple, humanized and standardized.

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The significance of implementing 7S

The promotion of 7S activities by enterprises can reduce costs, reduce inventory, greatly improve work efficiency, avoid excessive inventories of parts, semi-finished products and finished products, and strive to achieve zero waste. 7S has effectively planned for safety, and positioned fire fighting facilities and fire extinguishers. Accurate settings such as safety exits have eliminated potential safety hazards and basically eliminated safety accidents

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