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Supplier qualification assessment has strict system standards

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The standards are as follows

1. The quality inspection department, procurement and production department participate in the supplier review.
2. Examination of supplier quality system.
3. Examination of suppliers’ qualifications, delivery dates and prices.

4. Examination of invisible quality problems found during use, assembly, and experimentation of supplier products.
5. If it is impossible to determine whether it is a qualified supplier, submit the complete information to the general manager for approval.
6. “Supplier Qualification Review Meeting” once a month to add or delete suppliers and make relevant meeting records.

Strict incoming material inspection

pcb prototype board Component inspection - fastpcba
Object of inspection
pcb prototype board Component inspection - fastpcba
Components inspection
Pcb boards Component inspection report - fastpcba
Inspection Report

Incoming material inspection standard

Provide the basis for the inspection of PCBA incoming materials, so as to improve the scientificity and standardization of inspection.solder bridge, cold solder joint,missing solder ,solder skips,crack,stomates,Welding tip,scratch,SOLDER ON PARTS,pinhole,oxidation,smudge,Copper foil cock,Float height of vertical plug-in components, Horizontal plug-in components float high,Component tilt,etc. for inspection

Pcb board soldering Component incom ing inspection standard-fastpcba
Pcb printed circuit board Component incom ing inspection standard-fastpcba
Pcb board soldering Component incom ing inspection standard-fastpcba
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Components used by FASTPCBA
pcb manufacturing usa's Solder joint bridging
Components used by other suppliers

Company Case

In 2010, in order to save costs, the company purchased domestic substitute chips, and the products were scrapped directly after use, resulting in the company losing 1.58 million yuan and losing an important customer.

The use of inferior components may lead to scrapped circuit boards


Strict sealing specifications

Seal the samples as a standard for bulk inspection. After the inspection is passed, a written material is formed, signed by the authorizers of both parties, in duplicate, each party holds

Pcb manufacturing Strict sealing specifications - fastpcba

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