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Data traceability, one-click extraction of historical data

Technical data changes can be traced back,
and details of historical data can be queried

pcb Material code query -fastpcba
Material Code Query
PCB Production schedule query -fastpcba
Production Schedule Query
PCB Shipment record query -fastpcba
Shipment Record Query

Orders can be traced back, real-time query of order progress

More standardized company management

Improve thin pcb manufacturer work efficiency-fastpcba

Improve work efficiency, let ERP system replace manual labor to complete many tedious tasks in traditional work, reduce the workload and tedious degree of employees, and reduce the labor cost of enterprises

Strengthen refined management capabilities-fastpcba

Strengthen fine management capabilities, especially customer follow-up details, production process details, quality control details, to resolve the contradiction between market changes and production balance;

Reduce operating losses-fastpcba

Reduce operational losses, including operational losses between departments and departments, posts and posts, as well as logistics losses during production;

china pcb manufacturer price

Improve quality and reduce costs, change the departmental perspective of the enterprise, and enhance collaboration between departments;

new technology in pcb manufacturing

Solve the problem of information flow during the operation of the enterprise and reduce the information island behavior;

Improve pcb management efficiency-fastpcba

Improve management efficiency and let the ERP system assist managers to easily control the entire workflow;

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