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[PCB] Why does FASTPCBA need to be highly reliable?

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Reliability engineering originated from military products and is a practical science that seamlessly integrates “engineering technology” and “management art”. The development history of reliability is the output of new technology products that have achieved generation after generation
For pcb electronic products, reliability is the guarantee for the performance of the product. If the electronic product is unreliable, the technical performance will not be played even if it is good. Important [automobiles, medical electronics] have an important respect for safety. “Product reliability” is equivalent to product reliability! In other words, “high reliability” refers to a longer product life, and there are few or no failures during the product life cycle!
With the rapid development of science and technology, all walks of life have put forward higher and higher requirements for product reliability! Product reliability has become an inspection and evaluation index for product quality, and it is also an important weight for PCB manufacturing companies to enhance their competitiveness and brand image!
1. The importance of high reliability to enhance the market competitiveness of electronic products
In 1992, when my country launched the “Austellite” due to a small part failure, the launch failed, which caused huge economic losses and political influence! Japanese automobiles, household appliances and other products occupy the international market mainly because of high product reliability. The overhaul period of American Kang Mingxian diesel engines is 12,000 hours, while domestic diesel engines frequently fail within 1,000 hours……
For products, reliability is closely related to “maintenance costs, operating efficiency, property safety, casualties, economic benefits, and national security”. High reliability is an important guarantee for enhancing the market competitiveness of electronic products!

1. The importance of PCB high reliability

1) Only highly reliable PCBs can meet the market development needs of customers
A major feature of the development of modern science and technology is the highly complex structure of the equipment. Its notable sign is the variety of component requirements and the complexity of data. PCB is the core carrier of electronic product link components. The more PCB layers, the more components, The higher the process requirements, the greater the difficulty of product manufacturing, the greater the reliability impact, and the higher the requirements for PCB reliability. Only highly reliable PCBs can meet the development needs of our customers. Of course, these are required by most customers.
2) Highly reliable PCB can help customers improve their market competitiveness
Before World War II, Japan’s electronic products had a large number of returns due to poor reliability, and they were almost forced to withdraw from the international market. After World War II, Japan summed up its lessons and continuously improved the reliability level of electronic products, and finally it was able to greatly enhance its market competitiveness and seize a huge international market share. With the dual impact of the financial crisis and the new crown epidemic, the current international market competition is particularly fierce. For “fastpcba”, only by effectively improving the reliability of PCBs can we help customers improve brand reputation and continue to enhance market competitiveness!
3) Highly reliable PCB can help customers obtain higher economic benefits
In 1961, at least 25% of the U.S. Department of Defense’s budget was for maintenance. For the antenna products sold in the European or North American markets, since the tower operation requires the hiring of qualified professionals, the maintenance cost is slightly different from the single antenna price. In order to improve the reliability of a certain product, Westinghouse has conducted a comprehensive review and found that improving the reliability level can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of electronic equipment; on the surface, the high-reliability pre-production and control costs will be higher. However, the failure rate in the later stage is less, and maintenance costs and downtime losses will be lower. In order to help customers maximize their economic benefits, “fastpcba” is more obsessed with making PCBs right, good and highly reliable once! !
Highly reliable PCB can help customers obtain higher economic benefits

2. Analysis of the failure and consequences of PCB electronic products

PCB life cycle failures are highly related to reliability, and the consequences of failures caused by low PCB reliability are also shocking.
As the carrier of electronic components and the hub of circuit signal transmission, PCB has become one of the most important and critical core components in electronic products. Its quality and reliability level directly determine the quality and reliability of the entire electronic machine.
With the ever-increasing miniaturization, lighter weight, multi-functionalization of electronic products, and the continuous promotion of environmental protection requirements such as lead-free and halogen-free, the PCB industry is moving towards “fine lines, small holes, multiple layers, thin boards, high TG, high frequency , High-speed, high-density, and environmental protection, which has led to increasingly complex internal PCB structure, increased internal temperature rise, and deterioration of heat dissipation conditions, which greatly affected reliability.
Secondly, there are huge differences in the use environment of electronic products, from tropical to frigid zone, from land to deep sea, from high altitude to space, from laboratory to field… In addition to the effects of temperature and humidity, sunlight, dust, sea water Various environmental conditions, such as salt spray, impact, vibration, cosmic particles, and various radiation, will have varying degrees of impact on the PCB, and even lead to product failure. For example, in a coastal high-salt and high-humidity environment, a thin water film will form on the surface of the object, and when the relative humidity is 65%-80% in the air, the thickness of the water film on the object is 0.001~0.1μm. When the PCB is working with electricity, the water film and the hole copper together form an electrolytic cell, and an electrochemical reaction occurs, and finally black corrosives are generated, which poses a fatal risk to the reliability of the PCB.
The reasons for PCB failure are various and different. For example, the corrosion failure of PTH hole copper, the open circuit failure caused by the bottom crack of the HDI blind hole, the layered plate failure, the ENIG hole ring crack failure, the open short circuit failure, etc., Different failure types will eventually affect maintenance costs, operating efficiency, economic benefits, brand image, and may even endanger property safety, casualties, and national security!
2. High reliability comes from “FASTPCBA” high standards for quality and high requirements for production
“High reliability” is a clear banner for companies to base themselves on the market, empower customers, and fulfill social responsibilities. Since its establishment, “FASTPCBA” has doubled its “reliability” and “high reliability” with “high investment, high standards and high requirements”. After nine years of hard work and hard work, it has developed to the present day, “fastpcba” “From oneself to others, we spare no effort to call on the industry to “emphasize reliability”. The reason is that “high reliability” is not only related to the long-term and stable development of the company itself, but also directly affects the brand reputation of downstream customers, and even the industry and the country’s international Market image in competition.
1. Start with the end and keep the mission in mind
Always remember, there will be reverberations! Guided by “providing customers with highly reliable PCBs”! Begin with results backwards, output backwards, investment backwards, and strategies backwards from problems. By clarifying corporate vision, business philosophy and quality concepts, we can then improve centripetal force, cohesion, and build a goal-oriented efficient team, and then reverse analysis 、Comprehensively sort out the production standards and quality control specifications of PCB factories, analyze the key influencing factors of reliability, locate the key management and control processes of reliability, establish a directional improvement system for reliability, use actions to fulfill promises, and ensure the high reliability of PCBs in all aspects .

1) Corporate vision: create a company with a high sense of social responsibility

Set up aspirations to achieve customers! “Fastpcba” regards “building a highly reliable PCB and fulfilling social responsibilities” as the common vision for all members to fight for, and “innovate concepts, gather wisdom, ignite fighting spirit, and stimulate potential” with corporate culture.

2) Business philosophy: Pursue excellent quality and create the ultimate user experience

High reliability is the lifeblood of our customers’ survival and development! “Fastpcba” regards “excellent quality and ultimate experience” as an action guide and penetrates into its daily business activities, fully motivating the team’s thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and methods to match the “high reliability”, and at the same time constantly radiate vitality, enthusiasm, forge ahead and Innovative spirit to continuously mobilize, cultivate and enhance the creativity of the team.

3) Quality concept: high-reliability multilayer board manufacturer

Everything comes from customer needs, and everything revolves around customer needs. From the early stage of “making a good board with all my heart”, to the current focus on “high-reliability multilayer board manufacturing”, nine years of honed, two upgrades, the goal orientation is clearer, and the quantitative indicators are clearer!
2. Practicing corporate social responsibility with actions
Twenty years of care, silent love! “Fastpcba” silently interprets a strong sense of brand mission and social responsibility to the society with practical actions!
1) Ignite the mission with the original intention
The best protection for the brand is to ask and guard the original aspiration; the best gift to customers is to stick to the mission and assume the mission. At present, the economy and society are undergoing major changes unseen in a century. Dangers and opportunities coexist, and only customers cannot fail. Use good materials, use enough materials, and make the ultimate quality, “Fastpcba” will never change, always stick to the original intention!
2) Create quality with ingenuity
With the spirit of ingenuity, choose one thing for a lifetime; follow the standards of ingenuity and insist on the perfection of details! Both high quality and high reliability! From raw materials to process control, “every process procedure, every process operation, and every test standard” has been devoted to almost harsh and strict attitude.
The main high-end multi-layer PCB, concentrate on studying the third-order HDI board within 20 layers, and continue to polish the ultimate process capability! It is not only the first veteran manufacturer that advocates “visible quality”, but also the first Daai board factory to provide free slicing and test reports for “6-layer and above multi-layer pcb proofing”! For “Fastpcba”, high reliability is not an empty slogan, but a solemn promise that is imperative.
3) Warm customers with sincerity
Be grateful for warmth! Determined to be a warm enterprise, “fastpcba” warms customers with the most pious attitude at all times, and provides customers with the most reliable PCB and the most delicate personalized service!
3. High reliability is the sacred duty of an enterprise to fulfill its development purpose and assume social responsibility
Under the social background of highly globalized economy, no company can achieve rapid development without “customer transfer value, industrial ecological environment and national market image”. High reliability is the company’s “lifeline for survival, stepping stone for finding a way out” A stepping stone to development”!
High reliability is the soul of the product, and excellent reliability is the best gift for fastpcba to give back to customers and feed back the society! fastpcba uses high-reliability PCB to interpret the role of the enterprise, and has also been unanimously recognized by customers!

2. Defend the image of the country’s market and speak for “Made in China”

Improving product reliability is the foundation of China’s development, the way to rejuvenate the country, and the strategy to strengthen the country. In the past 30 years, the quality competitiveness of Chinese manufacturing has improved significantly, but it also faces many challenges. Nowadays, Made in China has been hit by the double impact of the global financial turmoil and the new crown epidemic! In the context of stagnant global economic activities and sharp decline in international trade, it is even more important to improve product reliability! To improve manufacturing quality, it is necessary to create a quality culture, promote the spirit of craftsmanship, strengthen the construction of basic industrial capacity, improve the quality management mechanism, and comprehensively improve the reliability, consistency and stability of products!
Do unto others, do not impose on others. The founder of “fastpcba” is an engineer, and he hates the social chaos caused by unreliable PCBs such as “performance failure, quality defect, new product launch delay, economic loss, and customer loss”.
As a typical representative of the industrial Internet and the electronic industry Internet, “fastpcba” is step by step and step by step, making “fastpcba” a well-known high-layer manufacturer in the industry with a reputation for “PCB quality and reliability”. Looking forward to the future, “fastpcba” will go all out to continuously improve reliability, as always, actively defend the country’s market image, spare no effort to endorse “Made in China”, and make every effort to promote China from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”!

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