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FASTPCBA provides PCBA services for the electrical industry

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The intelligent correction system applied in the electrical industry is a complex and important production auxiliary system. It is widely used in printing, packaging, papermaking, film, tire rubber, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, wire and cable industries. The core module of its products is composed of intelligent tension control system and magnetic powder clutch. Among them, the ultra-high-performance digital data information processor (DSP) and stable closed-loop servo motor power control transformer are the core of the system. The digital signal processor (DSP) and closed-loop servo motor automatically prevent and correct the material in the transmission process, which must ensure high stability and high reliability. Therefore, compared with ordinary transformers, converter transformers have to withstand the effects of alternating current stress and a greater component of direct current stress during operation. They have higher requirements on structural design, insulation configuration and intelligent control. This is especially true for uhv current transformers. Then the “brain” of the intelligent correction system is the top priority of all performance guarantees.

FASTPCBA provides PCBA services for the electrical industry

To this end, a customer of our company in order to ensure that the intelligent controller can be efficient, stable and reliable in the production of intelligent correction equipment, is also a trust in 20 years of professional custom PCBA, from PCB manufacturing, component procurement , Pcb production and assembly one-stop processing and manufacturing in FASTPCBA.


With the support and hard work of the company’s strong engineering team, it has overcome difficulties, worked hard, and successfully completed the production task of the new model core circuit board of the intelligent correction system of the customer.


FASTPCBA provides PCBA services for the electrical industry

FASTPCBA is a national enterprise that has focused on PCB and PCBA manufacturing for 20 years. The company has a strong engineering team and a professional electronic component procurement team. Welcome various industries to inquire. Tel: 18138218088


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