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What are the certifications of PCBA processing factories?

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What are the certifications of PCBA processing factories?

Many PCBA processing factories pay great attention to the quality management system, and generally apply for many quality certification certificates for the factory. The investment of this certification fee is more importantly concerned with the degree of trust the customer has in the PCBA processing plant. The following focuses on common quality management system certifications.


Difficulty: Low Cost: Low
This is the most common quality management system certification, and many factories generally apply for it, and the cost is relatively cheap. As an entry-level certification, its certification content is relatively basic. Many factories can basically pass as long as they spend money, so the technical content of the certification is relatively low.


Difficulty: High Cost: High
The entry barrier certification for automotive electronics has relatively high technical content and complex certification content. There must be strict audit standards for the technical and facility strength of the factory. PCBA processing plants with ATF16949 certification have the ability to produce automotive electronic front-end circuit boards and assembly equipment.


Difficulty: Medium Cost: Medium to Low
Quality management system certification for the medical industry. Focus on the technical links and quality management methods in the PCBA processing process. The cost is moderate and the certification difficulty is medium.

Difficulty: High Cost: High
Ul certification is one of the most extensive certification systems in the world. It is well recognized by developed countries such as Europe and America. Its certification projects are numerous and diverse, and certification suitable for PCBA electronic component assembly business can effectively prove the hardware and software strength of the factory. Moreover, the review will be reviewed quarterly, so it is relatively open and fair. This requires PCBA processing plants to fundamentally improve the production process and have a strong quality management system to be able to hold the certification for a long time.

PCBA processing plants may also be involved in certification including ROHS certification, SGS certification, military industry and other subdivisions.

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