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What are the operating procedures and precautions for SMT high-speed placement machines?

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What are the operating procedures and precautions for SMT high-speed placement machines?
In general, a placement machine with a theoretical placement speed of 30 000 to 60 000 pieces/h per hour is called a high-speed placement machine, which is mainly used for placement of small chip components and small integrated components. However, during the operation of the high-speed placement machine, there are many operating points that need to be paid attention to. Otherwise, improper operation may affect the long-term normal use of the high-speed placement machine. High-speed placement machines are installed in a turret style, with a total of 12-24 needles. The head rotates and mounts, the PCB board moves below, and the head does not move. This kind of old-fashioned machine is noisy, but it is fast and also has material throwing, which is suitable for mass production. Generally, SMT processing of a board can be completed within a few seconds. The speed can reach 50000-80000 points/H. It is the first choice of high-efficiency equipment for circuit board processing manufacturers.

1. The working process of the high-speed placement machine includes the following steps:
1. The PCB (circuit board) is loaded onto the X-Y workbench by the imported conveyor belt.
2. The vision system reads the reference point of the PCB board and locates the PCB board.
3. The loader platform can be moved left and right to the position of the trough where the suction component is located.
4. Rotate the placement head clockwise to pick up the components.
5. The X-Y worktable can be moved up, down, left, and right to the position where the components are placed.
6. Rotate the placement head to place the picked components on the PCB designated placement position
7. Repeat steps 1~6 until all the components on the PCB are pasted.
8. The PCB board is unloaded by the export conveyor belt.
2. The precautions for the high-speed placement machine are as follows:
1. Understand common signs of high-speed placement machines
As we all know, many machines and equipment have some specific signs for operators to learn before they are used, and high-speed placement machines are no exception. Therefore, when operating a high-speed placement machine, it is necessary to fully understand the meaning and function of these signs, so as to play a warning role, so that the high-speed placement machine can be used and operated more safely.

2. Do a good job inspection of the high-speed placement machine:
The power-on inspection mainly includes: to determine whether the air pressure of the patch is in the normal range, whether there are some sundries inside the machine, whether the patch is installed in place… etc. Although these are minor problems, they are all very important. As long as these are done well, the long-term normal use of the high-speed placement machine can be ensured.

3. Set up and install the PCB positioning device
First, set the PCB positioning method according to the operating rules. Generally, there are two methods of pin positioning and edge positioning. Moreover, when using pin positioning, install and adjust the position of the positioning pin according to the position of the PCB positioning hole L. Make the positioning pin exactly in the middle of the positioning hole of the PCB to make the PCB go up and down freely. When edge positioning is used, the position of the stopper and the top block must be adjusted according to the outline size of the PCB.

4. Ensure the correctness of the boot sequence
When using a high-speed placement machine, ensuring the correctness of the boot sequence is closely related to the safety of employees and the use of the machine. A correct boot sequence is the guarantee for later operation and work. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to the boot sequence.

5. Pay attention to active troubleshooting
No matter what mechanical equipment, after a long period of use, it will inevitably cause certain consumption and damage to the machine, and the high-speed placement machine is no exception.

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