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What are the PCBA assembly manufacturing methods and steps?

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What are the PCBA assembly manufacturing methods and steps?
Everyone knows that the benefits of a PCB board to us are beyond words, and it can be clearly judged that the use of PCBA is also very good, but the understanding of the corresponding PCBA assembly and manufacturing methods and steps is also very important.

The manufacturability design of PCBA assembly must not only solve the problem of manufacturability, but also solve the problem of low-cost and high-quality manufacturing. The achievement of “manufacturable” and “low-cost, high-quality” goals depends not only on design, but also on manufacturing, but also on the coordination and unity of design and manufacturing, that is, “integrated” design. Recognizing this is very important, and it is also the basis for a good PCBA assembly manufacturability design. Only by recognizing this can we systematically and comprehensively master PCBA manufacturability design.

At present, as long as we talk about the manufacturability design of PCB assembly, it includes optical positioning symbol design, transmission edge design, assembly method design, spacing design, pad design, etc. These are some design “elements”, but the core How to “coordinate and unify” these elements, only in this way can the desired effect be achieved. .
In the PCBA assembly manufacturing process, it is necessary to determine the PCBA assembly method according to the number of components and the package of the hardware design material list (BOM), that is, the component layout of the components on the front and back of the PCBA, which determines the assembly process The path, therefore, is also called the process path design. Then, the component layout is carried out according to the welding process method adopted by each assembly surface, and finally the spacing between the components and the thickness of the steel mesh and the windowing graphic design are determined according to the packaging and process methods.

Packaging is the basis and starting point of PCBA assembly manufacturability design. Regardless of the process path, component layout, pads, component spacing, and stencil windowing are all carried out around the package, it is a bridge connecting the design elements. At the same time, each soldering method has its own requirements for the layout of components. For example, wave soldering chip components requires that their long direction is perpendicular to the transmission direction of PCB wave soldering, and the spacing is greater than the component with higher adjacent components.的高度. And the process characteristics of PCBA assembly and packaging will directly determine the amount and distribution of solder paste required. The package, pad and stencil are interrelated and affect each other. The pad and pin structure determine the shape of the solder joint. Determines the ability to adsorb molten solder. The stencil windowing and thickness design determine the amount of solder paste printed. When designing the pad, it must be associated with the stencil windowing and packaging requirements. PCBA assembly provides preconditions and inherent process capabilities for high-quality manufacturing.

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