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What soldering iron is best for electronics?

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If you want to solder a small electronic product, how should you choose a soldering iron?
For soldering patch resistors or capacitors and small chips, the selected electric soldering iron must be manual, that is, the electric soldering iron and tin wire are combined, so that it is easy to use. Moreover, the tip of the soldering iron must be freely replaceable, and it is best to replace both the blade tip and the tip.

Classification of electric soldering iron:

There are many types of electric soldering irons. According to the heating method of the soldering iron, there are direct heating, induction, constant temperature soldering iron, smart soldering iron, suction pump, hot air soldering station, etc. The most commonly used electronic welding is anti-static constant temperature electric flame iron, intelligent electric soldering iron, etc. Most electronic products use direct heating soldering irons.

1. Anti-static constant temperature electric soldering iron

The anti-static constant temperature electric soldering iron is equipped with a temperature controller or temperature control element with a magnet in the soldering iron tip, which realizes constant temperature by controlling the power-on time. The temperature of the soldering iron rises when it is energized, and when it reaches a predetermined temperature, the magnetism disappears because the strong magnet sensor reaches the Curie point, so that the magnetic core contact is disconnected and the power supply to the soldering iron is stopped. When the temperature is lower than the Curie point of the strong magnet sensor, the strong magnet recovers its magnetism and attracts the permanent magnet in the core switch to make the contact of the control switch turn on and continue to supply power to the electric soldering iron. This cycle achieves the purpose of temperature control. The structure and principle of the anti-static constant temperature electric soldering iron are shown in Figure 1.

Schematic diagram of antistatic thermostatic electric soldering iron


2.Smart electric soldering iron

The intelligent digital display electric soldering iron is small in size, complete in functions, and is a high-tech modern intelligent welding tool. It can be equipped with various soldering and desoldering soldering iron heads, and one soldering iron can complete soldering, smd desoldering and rework.
The intelligent digital display electric soldering iron carefully miniaturizes all the microcomputer control circuits, and is designed in the handle of the electric soldering iron, which can be used continuously for more than 5000 hours. Since the intelligent digital display electric soldering iron is heated by ceramic heating, there will be no electrostatic effect, and the electric soldering iron is safely grounded and there is no electrostatic induction.
Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effect of the present utility model is that the present utility model is provided with a human body touch sensing function and a constant temperature function, so that the heating wire is in different working states according to different time periods, which not only greatly saves power, but also avoids The tip of the soldering iron is damaged by being heated for a long time. In addition, the utility model also realizes that when the user does not use the electric soldering iron for a long time, the heating wire can be automatically turned off, that is, it has the function of automatic power-off, and has a good protective effect on fire prevention and personal safety. The utility model only adds the human body touch sensing function on the basis of the existing products, so the utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, convenient use and the like.
Smart electric soldering iron is suitable for manual soldering and rework of high-reliability products such as aerospace, automotive electronics, medical, etc. It is also the best choice for lead-free manual soldering and rework.
Intelligent soldering iron

3.Suction pump

The tin suction pump is a tool for desoldering and maintenance. It is divided into heating type and non-heating type. When using the tin suction pump, pay attention to the molten tin in the suction nozzle when the tin is not solidified after each use. Suction, so as not to block the nozzle and affect the use.
The function of the solder suction pump: When repairing electronic products, some in-line devices have more pins and are difficult to remove. At this time, you can use a solder suction device to melt the solder on the pins one by one and suck it away, so that you can Remove it with minimal damage.

4.Other manual welding tools and welding auxiliary tools.

In addition to the main welding tools introduced above, there are also welding tools such as energy storage electric soldering irons, wireless gas combustion heating soldering irons, smc/smd special soldering tools, and tin wire automatically sent to the electric soldering iron.

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